Keep your data safe and ready to restore, even after a major disaster.

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Our backup services safeguard your data against everything from major events to accidental deletions.

At Vantage Point we take your data seriously. We will provide the right combination of local and offsite storage so that you are protected no matter what happens. We secure data both at rest and in flight using the industry standard AES 256 bit encryption algorithm and archive your data at our off-site data centers.  Your files are always accessible at a moment’s notice and can be restored quickly and easily.  Application level backups allow us to protect your core systems by seamlessly integrating with platforms like Exchange, SQL, Oracle and others.

If you require a more robust disaster recovery solution we will customize a solution that meets your requirements for availability and downtime. From real time replication to near time BDR solutions we will ensure you have the best possible protection for your business.

Core Backup & Recovery Features

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    Review and ensure disaster recovery procedures are adequate and formalize a plan for use in the event of an emergency

  • BDR Solutions

    Implement complete backup and disaster recovery solutions for your organization using real time replication or near time solutions to ensure the highest quality protection for your environment.

  • Data Backup and Restore Services

    Backup and restore critical data both on premise and offsite in order to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

  • Application Level backup Services

    Back up core systems at the application level. Seamless integration with common platforms such as Exchange, SQL, Oracle and others allows our service to back up and restore systems quickly.

  • Local & Cloud Storage

    Provide storage solutions for local and cloud based file access and collaboration.